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Biogeochemical Oceanography in Upwelling Ecosystems

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African Ocean Discovery Course for Research-Based Training on
the Sustainable Use and Scientific Management of Marine Ecosystems


at the University of Namibia’s Sam Nujoma Research Center in Henties Bay and
Namibia’s National Marine Information and Research Center in Swakopmund


For dedicated early career researchers who care about the Oceans: PhD candidates and honors MSc students majoring in one of the ocean science fields, professors, lecturers and active young scientists holding an equivalent advanced degree with specialization in oceanography.


What are Ocean Discovery Camps

Opportunities to collaborate in an interdisciplinary research project with guidance and supervision by local and international scientists in the Benguela Current Ecosystem (BCE) and possibly in internships abroad.



To learn about current research projects and to develop future research directions for a better understanding of the consequences of local and global environmental alterations for the functioning of the BCE.



Interactions between chemical, biological, physical and geological topics related to marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem research. Molecular and other modern techniques applied to understanding biogeochemical processes. Environmental variability and regulation of microbiologically-driven geochemical nutrient cycles and the consequences for ecosystem sustainability.


Course Structure

Work at sea and along the coast and analyses in the laboratory. Sampling, sample preservation, designing and executing experiments, computer-supported exercises, lectures, paper discussions, model development. Symposium day: Presenting research findings, sharing knowledge, collaborating in further project developments.


Course Location

A few days “Floating University” on the R/V MIRABILIS (operated by the Namibian Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources). Three weeks on land at SANUMARC (SAM NUJOMA CAMPUS and MARINE & COASTAL RESOURCES RESEARCH CENTRE) of UNAM, and the



April to May, annually. Dates depend on approval of the cuises by the Ministry of Fisheries. For cruise and workshop dates consult "Full Workshop Announcement" on https://lms.uzh.ch/url/RepositoryEntry/16371188134?guest=true&lang=en






9500 NAM$ or equivalent in US$.  A limited number of fellowships is available for qualified and passionate student applicants from economically developing countries.



Follow instructions given on the Course Website for recent and upcoming RGNO Discovery Camps

Application Deadline

As defined on the website. Acceptance letters will be sent electronically within 10 days after the application deadline.


Further Information

From the Coordinating Course Director, from present Course Instructors or RGNO Alumni (see latest announcement website)




Ocean Research Discovery Camp on
“Microbial & Biogeochemical Oceanography in Upwelling Ecosystems”, offered by
SCOR, NatMIRC and SANUMARC as part of the Regional Graduate Network in Oceanography for Africa