Computational Systems Biology with BioSym
 Presentation of research results achieved by the participants of the biological modeling course 2008
A minisymposium offered by the Bio-294 students on Wednesday, March 12, 8.30 to 18 in Seminar room 34-J-02, at the Irchel campus
Students and guests are welcome
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  The symposium illustrates results which were obtained during a three week training course with biology, biochemistry and mathematics students. Student training and research was carried out with Matlab and its toolboxes in the Systems Biology Learning Environment that was developed in the course of an SVC (Swiss Virtual Campus) project by the Swiss BioSym team. Details about the BioSym course are available on OLAT.  
  Lectures last 30 minutes, discussion time included  
  Conveners introduce the speakers and the topic and they lead the discussion   
  08.30 Welcome and Introduction    Kurt Hanselmann  
Session 1: Physiology and biochemistry
Nadine Schmid
Dominik Possner
Boris Begemann
  08.35 L 1: Direction selectivity in the retina   Janine Hall  
  09.05 L 2: Regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system   Ronald Egli
  09.35 L 3: Drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier   Victoria Makrides  
  10.05 L 4: Direct protein evolution   Fabio Parmeggiani  
  10.35 Intermission      
Session 2: Epidemics and Genetics
Markus Schlegel
Esther Kohler
Mirjam von Rütte
Claudio Bozzuto
  10.50 L 5: Stochastic epidemic SEIR model with control intervention applied to Ebola   Jahel Hämmerli  
  11.20 L 6: Dengue fever: A vaccination model with antibody-dependent enhancement   Titu Staubli  
  11.50 L 7: Wolbachia spp.: Incompatibility-inducing microbes in insects   Raphael Sieber  
  12.20 L 8: Can insertion sequences invade bacterial biofilms?   Manuel Bichsel  
  12.50 Lunch Break       
Session 3: Regulation of cellular processes
Victoria Makrides
Janine Hall
Ronald Egli
  13.20 L 9: Quorum sensing networks in Pseudomonas aeruginosa   Nadine Schmid  
  13.50 L 10: Regulatory cascade for caspase-3 activity   Dominik Possner  
  14.20 L 11: Cell cycle control in budding yeast   Boris Begemann  
  14.50 Intermission      
Session 4: Ecology and ecosystems
Titu Staubli
Jahel Hämmerli
Raphael Sieber
Manuel Bichsel
  15.10 L 12: Effects of iron fertilization on the marine food web and nutrient cycles   Markus Schlegel  
  15.40 L 13: Nitrogen cycling in the lower trophic level of a north pacific marine ecosystem   Esther Kohler  
  16.10 L 14: Marine protected areas: Can they lead to sustainable fisheries   Mirjam von Rütte  
  16.40 L 15: Allee effects in Polar Bears   Claudio Bozzuto  
  17.10 Summary and conclusions   Kurt Hanselmann  
  17.30 Course assessment   ALL  
  17.45 End of symposium