Enrolment procedure
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  • Connect to the MIM PhD course in OLAT

  • Select the desired language, e.g. ENGLISH (top right on page).

  • Select your University and "login".

  • On the Login-page you will have to authenticate yourself with the personal login and password of your University. You will then be directed to the OLAT Welcome page

  • Go to "Learning Resources" (top left on page) and choose "Courses" in the navigation field on the left.

  • Scrol down to the course "Microbiology-Immunology PhD course" and click on the course.

  • Set a bookmark for this course; it will appear in the field "My bookmarks". Next time you log in this bookmark will allow you to go to the MIM PhD course directly.

  • Enrol in the appropriate group.

  • Please subscribe to "Questions and Answers". This assures that you will be informed about anything that relates to this PhD course and that you will be able to post messages relating to your contributions (e.g. answers to questions).

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