Introduction to Microbiology and Immunology in Zürich

A one-week course for participants of the PhD program Microbiology and Immunology
offered by the Departments of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Zrich (UZH) and the ETH Zrich (ETH-Z)
which are members of the MIM-PhD-program of Life Sciences Zürich

February 11 to 15, 2008
Large Lecture Hall, Botanical Garden of the University, 107 Zollikerstreet, 8008 Zürich
Tram 11 or bus 31 to Hegibachplatz, or bus 33 to Botanical Garden, or trams 2 or 4 to Höschgasse
please consult map for directions

Course objectives
MIM members will introduce their fields of expertise, basic research questions, methodologies applied to answer them and instrumental infrastructure available at their laboratories. Participants will become acquainted with the research performed at the different microbiological laboratories in Zürich, and will be able to establish ties with those labs that could contribute to their own research work. Students of the MIM-PhD program will present their own research projects.
The speakers will show how various approaches in microbiology can be integrated. They are encouraged to emphazise what they don't know and how they are going after the answers.

The course counts 2 credit points towards the partial fulfillment of the PhD degree (presenting own research, actively participating at the discussion, introducing speakers, convening sessions, leading discussions and participating at the career development day).

Course program
The course comprises 8 topic sessions and a number of student project presentations:
Sessions 1 and 2, Monday: Human and Veterinary Medical Microbiology
Sessions 3 and 4, Tuesday: Virology
Wednesday: Career Development Day
Session 5, Thursday: Plant Microbiology
Session 6, Thursday: Food Microbiology
Session 7, Friday: Molecular Epidemiology
Session 8, Friday: Immunology
Special Guest Lectures by invited speakers: Ulrich Hbscher, Homayoun Bagheri, Martin Ackermann, daily between 16.00 and 17.00 in the Large Lecture Room at the Botanical Garden

Student project presentations daily between 08.00 and 10.00 in the Large Lecture Room at the Botanical Garden.

Career Development Day with Pamela Alean-Kirkpatrick, Kathrin Riedel and representatives from industry.
Special Session on Systems Microbiolog on selection / adaptation models and predictive microbiology for food safety considerations, with demonstrations from BioSym by Roman Kälin, Stefan Schafroth and Kurt Hanselmann

Enrolment procedure
Enrolment starts on February 1, 2008. Students and Speakers are asked to enrol in the appropriate course group in OLAT. You will need your personal access codes of your University. Enrolment assures that all participants will be informed about the program as it develops and that all MIM-members can participate at the discussion forum. Only enrolled students will receive credit points.

Course structure and products
Lectures last 30 minutes (45 minutes for Guest Lectures followed by a 15 minute discussion period.
Lecture slides and the spoken lecture texts will be recorded and made available on the Switch server via OLAT (password protected)

Infrastructure and Deadline
Computer (MAC and PC tablet) and beamer are installed in the lecture room
wLAN Internet access is available in the lecture room
Deadline for title and abstracts for speakers: January 3, 2008
Speakers: please have your slides (ppt format) also available on a memory drive at the day of your presentation
Instructions for speakers and conveners on OLAT
Coffee and Lunch at the Cafeteria of the Botanical Garden (at your own costs).

Informatic Services uzh; MELS uzh; Christoph Fuchs, e-Learning MNF

Information, Organizers
Kurt Hanselmann, 044 63 48284, or Isabella Bieri, 044 63 23319,