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Diversity of Microorganisms
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Evolution of Microorganisms
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GeoBiology / BioGeosciences
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Microbial Ecology
Kurt Hanselmann
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BioSym: Computational Systems Biology

Maja Lazzaretti

Field Courses, Excursions, Lectures
Microbiology-Immunology PhD course
Systems Biology Symposium

Marine Microbiology / Chile
Ocean Biogeochemistry/ Namibia
Geobiology - Catalina / USA
International Exchange Courses
Coastal Ecology
Microbial Diversity / MBL Woods Hole

Nature and Art
UN Year of the Water
Microbiology Projects
Mountain Research Station

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Lake Zürich Microbiology
Iron Bacteria Gonzen
Iron Bacteria Titanic
Alpine Water and Climate Change
Microbial Diversity
Microbial Ecology
Prokaryote Genetics
Environmental Microbiology
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